Dr. April Wright


CV and publications.

Contact: april [dot] wright [at] selu [dot] edu (if you are contacting about women in science stuff, please send to wright [dot] aprilm [at] gmail [dot] com)

Brenen Wynd, Postdoctoral Researcher

Daisy Singletary, NSF Post-baccalaureate Scholar

Basanta Khakurel, Master’s student


Additional undergrads: Amere Roussel, Anisha Neupane, Simran Baruwal, Ashley Canas

Lab Alums

Dr. Orlando Schwery, Postdoc, Swiss Research Foundation Fellow, Virginia Tech

Caleb Charpentier, Undergraduate Research Assistant, NSF GRFP Fellow, Virginia Tech

Christina Kolbmann, MS Student, PhD student, University of Oklahoma

Tyler Tran, Undergraduate Research Assistant. Medical student, LSU-Shreveport

 Courtney Grigsby, Undergraduate Research Assistant, PhD student, Arizona State University
Shreya Bhatt, Undergraduate Research Assistant,
medical student William Cary Medical School

Mukunda Jaishi, Undergraduate Research Assistant, MS student, Southeastern Computer Science
Katharyn Jenkins, Undergraduate Research Assistant
, MS student, Criminology, University of Florida
Rachael Johnson, Undergraduate Research Assistant