Start of the Semester!

Editor’s Note: Every semester, we bring on new undergraduate researchers to the project. We do a lot of basic-level training for computational biology. If you’d like to follow along at home, our schedule is here.

Andre Flores

I’m Andre, an undergraduate studying both Biology and Computer Science. I intend to pursue a medical degree in the future, hopefully incorporating bioinformatics to work in the fields relating to psychology and neuroscience. Working in the Heath Lab is my first experience working in a real research environment, an integral part of preparing my resume for graduate school. Furthermore, the lab is my first real opportunity for combined education and hands-on experience between my two drastically different areas of study. I’m hoping to learn a lot more programming skills and knowledge about phylogenetics, and the ways in which they can work together to study biology.

Pat Mendoza

I am a student majoring in Horticulture with an anticipated graduation in Spring ’18.  I’m coming to Ames after working in financial analysis for 13 years and with an existing BS in Mathematics, specializing in Statistics, from the University of California Irvine.  This semester I hope to expand on my skill sets as a programmer learning python and R as well as the application of statistics to further scientific research.  My interests are in mutualisms between plant and animal as well as mycorrhizae and phylogenies.  In the fall I will be applying to grad programs with the intent of pursuing a career in research.


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