Projects for Scientific Computing Scholars – Kuhn Lab

Modeling and Control of Biologically – Inspired Flight with Dr. Lisa Kuhn

Recently there have been great advances in the development of flexible wing air vehicles. These vehicles are inspired by biology since biological flight (such as birds and bats) have better maneuverability and performance over fixed-wing drones. The focus of this project is to use computers to simulate flexible wing air vehicular models and control them. This project is of interest to us because it brings to light a number of interesting, unsolved scientific questions.

Participation in this project could involve any of the following:

  • Developing and coding algorithms to arrive at mathematical solutions that are not only accurate but can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time using a reasonable amount of computer memory and space.
  • Running computer simulations and analyzing results.
  • Deriving mathematical models.

Questions can be directed to Dr. Lisa Kuhn

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